About Us

Who Are We?

We are your domestic cleaners. We are your commercial cleaners. We are your housekeepers. We are your housemaids. Well, it’s up to you how do you see us. But to be precise, B.I.G. Commercial Cleaning is your medium that marks your journey from Cleanliness to Godliness. Our contractors are well-aware of the importance of a clean ambiance to live and work in and thus, they make sure you don’t have any grievance against their services.

We have a set of individuals who do not only have an interest in cleaning your sphere but they also have an authorisation to deliver the same. Our contractors are well-trained and acquire an experience of several years in the field of cleaning. Above all, they are certified and licensed to make clients rely on them so far as believing their professional expertise is concerned.

What Do We Aim At?

WWith our years of experience, we have developed a considerable understanding regarding the requirements and the level of satisfaction of our clients and customers. Hence, our only aim is to jot down their cleaning and house maid needs and thereby put efforts to yield satisfactory results. The training that our professionals undergo makes them well-equipped with using the cleaning tools and devices, especially for official or commercial cleaning services as they range from a single-room shop to a high-rise building.

Like other cleaning service providers, we often say our services are different. But when we say that we know we can prove that too. The most unique part of our functioning is that we do not believe in simply cleaning. We, on the contrary, plan and offer customised commercial and domestic cleaning services. In short, we have user-specific services to meet individual requirements.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We offer a wide range of services, becoming your one-stop hub for cleaning.

We have trained and licensed professionals to serve you.

Our certified professionals make us more reliable.

You can connect with us during an emergency for instant cleaning and house maid services.

We hire only background-checked and police-verified individuals.

We have become the first-choice of Sydney residents as they don’t have to look for different alternatives for different types of cleaning as we do it all for them. If you want to try us, call us right away.