Your Shop or Multi-Storey Building Needs Cleaning? Call Us

When you promise to give your employees a happy and healthy environment to work in, you must make sure you keep your words. Without a clean and tidy atmosphere, your official environment cannot be a healthy one and when it’s not healthy, it can’t be a happy ambiance as well. In short, a happy and healthy atmosphere is directly proportional to the standard of cleanliness that you embrace within your commercial space.

Office Cleaning

Cleaning to some is a similar concept no matter whether it is done for a residential apartment or a commercial space. But only the experts know the difference and so do we. Thus, we, at B.I.G. Commercial Cleaning, make sure to bring that difference into the notice of the newly hired contractors. As a result, we conduct a training process for them. During the session, the new individuals understand the basics of the commercial cleaning functions, including the end of lease cleaning services.

Warehouse Cleaning

From a small single-room shop to a big high-rise building, our commercial cleaning services are meant for all kinds of premises. If you have a warehouse, which you have to leave because of the end of the lease, give us a call and our professionals will be there to help you with the move out cleaning services as well as the vacating process.

End of Lease Cleaning Services

Are you searching for an easy solution to make your end of lease office cleaning less complicated? Hire us. We will take care of all your official devices and equipment while vacating the premise post-cleaning. We understand your official documents are your asset. Don’t worry; we will be careful in handling those at the same time. Believe in us.

Our Commercial Cleaners Are Well-Trained

Unlike residential cleaning, the commercial counterpart involves the use of certain equipment specifically designed to clean offices, shops, malls, and warehouses. The contractors are taught how to use them properly to achieve best results. Plus, they also learn the handling of the official documents properly while cleaning the offices as the mishandling could prove disastrous not only for the client but also for our reputation as cleaners. Once, they get the hang of everything, they are “certified” as commercial cleaners.

What Makes Our Commercial Cleaning Special?

  • We take care of the cleaning standards of your official space.
  • We ensure you have a clean sanitary ambiance for employees, clients, and other visitors.
  • Our cleaners are well-trained and experienced.
  • Our cleaners have no issues with going through your organisational security checks.
  • If you’re a pensioner or our existing customer, you get 10% discount on our services.